Tag: Smokes

October 15, 2016

Flashbacks of Cthulhu Hack

Not all information comes to your characters in the here and now. While, a character will roll a Flashlight or Smokes to discover something current, they can do the same to unearth an element of their past. Therein lies the flashback. Flashbacks allow you to glean information from events that haven’t happened in the game yet, but have already happened during the character’s life. For […]

June 29, 2016

Always More to Learn

Michael Julius posed a great question over on The Cthulhu Hack Google+ community: Say there’s an interaction with an NPC who has a negative disposition towards the PCs. For example, Peter Bulgrew in The Keepers of the Woods. Perhaps he has just beat up on a PC. Is it possible for the players to gain information from him with ‘smokes’? My response was that if […]

May 16, 2016

The Save

You might not appreciate the real difference between a Save and any other non-equipment roll you make in a game of The Cthulhu Hack. They’re quite different. (Actually, the current version of the rules references Tests rather a lot and these will be switched to Saves in the next revision for absolute clarity!) Saves handle risk and danger. If your character faces the prospect of damage, […]