Cthulhu Hack Goes Silver ?>

Cthulhu Hack Goes Silver

A little over two weeks since the release of The Cthulhu Hack, I’m overjoyed about the response. Not only have I had a chance to play more Cthulhu as a result of the book – which works for me because I have been investigating the unnameable horrors since the early 1980s and you can never get enough – but others now have the simple tools to get their own game up and running in no time. At DriveThruRPG, The Cthulhu…

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The Physical Cthulhu Hack ?>

The Physical Cthulhu Hack

I had the pleasure of coming home yesterday to find a box waiting for me. Inside, 40 copies of The Cthulhu Hack ready for sale and taking along to UK Games Expo. I’ll be running games in the morning on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (not Hack games), but you can find me in and around the All Rolled Up stall on X-Wing Avenue in the afternoons. If you somehow can’t find us – I’m also swapping copies with Peter Regan…

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Occupational Colour ?>

Occupational Colour

There are two layers to a character in The Cthulhu Hack that mean if you want to emulate Other Game Systems of Unspeakable Alien Horror. Class sets down the skeleton of the character. Class determines basic things like Hit Points, Hit Dice (relevant to healing and levelling up), expertise with arms and armor (the latter less relevant and discounted in 1920s games) and Special Features. (Der Unaussprechlichen Hack will propose the options of doing away with all but one Class…

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Everything But The Circus! ?>

Everything But The Circus!

In a nod to Into The Odd, The Cthulhu Hack includes an Occupation table that allows you to generate a scattering of  Starting Gear for the game, as well as a few humble dollars to ease your way. The gear is not always serious, but adds a little colour to your character’s pockets, satchel or glove compartment. You’re not tied to any of the entries on the table – though I’m looking to expand the options available in Der Unaussprechlichen Hack – but…

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Creative Mojo ?>

Creative Mojo

There’s something vaguely satisfying about the order of things in the Hottest Small Press category… Although, I’m not sure on the criteria for Numenera belonging in there at all. The Cypher System has become more of a thing than the small press tag suggests, in my mind. Anyway – after a week and a half, I’m really satisfied with the way things have worked out. I have a hack that I’m really happy with – both to play with and encourage…

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The Cthulhu Hack v2 in Print ?>

The Cthulhu Hack v2 in Print

Now that The Cthulhu Hack has been out for a week, I have had the chance to play another session with the rules and get a lot of feedback from people. With UK Games Expo fast approaching, I will have physical copies in hand, but they will be specific to the event. With a short time frame for printing, I’ll be going with Lulu for print – because they are quick and reliable. I have used them many times before…

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Adopt, Adapt and Overcome ?>

Adopt, Adapt and Overcome

While clearly named The Cthulhu Hack, in honour of the dread Old One, the nature of the Hack means you can handle any investigation using the system’s associated mechanics. Both Smokes and Flashlights serve as a medium for a little luck, a bit of insight and a knack for finding the half-hidden or forgotten. Like the investigators in a US procedural or a British Christie-style murder mystery, the Cthulhu Hack‘s investigation rules give essential clues mixed with the tension of a…

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