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The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 Started

Well, writing on The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 definitely got started. That’s all I can say for the moment.

Since running adventures over the weekend at UK Games Expo, I have had the chance to pull some thoughts together with my existing notes and get going. For the initial sweep, I have concentrated as much on removing material as adding new options or clarifications. Over the course of the year, my pitch at the stall and the gaming tables has tightened up – and when I wrote the Cthulhu Hack quick start / demo Nocturnal Rites, it provided a cool way to force me to get the core principles down in short form.

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Voltari’s Retreat

Map square on a stickie noteWhile I continue to work on Stench of the Sea, I have tinkered with ways to create quick and simple maps. Right now, I find I get maximum creativity and quickest results using a Sharpie and a packet of sticky notes. I have some stickies bigger than the ‘standard’ size and some smaller – and, combined, they let me outline an area on the big ones, then zoom in on the small ones.

I originally tried posting an encounter and maps drafted out on the page of an old 2010 diary – and posted it over on Google+. Not content, I scanned the page and annotated the copy with a tool called Quick Markup, because I realised I missed out some details. Then, as if I really didn’t have other fish to fry (like finishing Stench), I drafted the whole thing using my previously outlined combination of stickies.

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Stench of the Sea

A breakfast bowl full of polyhedral diceOur first adventure module presents an adventure site for you to introduce into your own world, a jumping in point for a whole new campaign, or simply a one-off adventure to fill a few sessions.

Set against a generic fantasy backdrop, the small settlement of Brinwan seems, at face value, to offer little more than a vacation in the woods, off the beaten track. The locals fish and mine in the hills to the north, but to a passing adventurer seems like just another one night stand. The people in and around Brinwan might, however, prove an unexpected challenge.

The generic system module adventure details, in writing, maps and illustrations, the tiny settlement of Brinwan and surroundings. The PDF includes details of key local personalities (along with their goals and behaviours), nearby locations, encounters, potential hooks, quick adventure seeds, and a core of GM advice on running adventures in and around the area. As this represents writing in progress, Just Crunch will include updates on the ‘modventure’, with tidbits, preview, lost ideas, maps, pictures and more. You can get updates here, on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – very much as a work in progress, and an interactive opportunity to get involved.

The final product will be available as a PDF through RPG Now and Drive Thru.

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