September Setting Sale on RPGNow
Sale / September 17, 2017

September is the time for changing up your game’s setting – and for The Cthulhu Hack that means picking up your copy of From Unformed Realms and doing something unexpected with it. As a toolkit, you might create a whole creature from scratch, allowing the dice to guide the physical make-up of the monstrous entity and then adding the stats later. Mark Chance has posted a bunch of uses for From Unformed Realms on his blog, including creating twisted entities for Mutant Futures, lurking Murkling for Barbarians of Lemuria, Chitinoid Chaos for Marvel Super Heroes, and snake guardians for Bloodshadows. Alternatively, you can make a roll or two to spice up some of your existing adversaries and antagonists. As a review of From Unformed Realms on RPG Geek said –  “it’s an evocative and easy to read source of inspiration for just about any otherworldly monster. I like how it cuts straight to the weirdness – horrific or simply dangerous – and lets you build the monster around those core abilities. I fully intend to use this in fantasy games – at least high-fantasy ones, where ‘realism’ isn’t a concern.” From Unformed Realms is a system-free toolkit suited for many settings and…

The Haunter of the Dark on Sale!
Sale / July 13, 2017

In celebration of the nomination of The Haunter of the Dark for Best Electronic Book by the Judges’ Panel for the ENnie Awards, you will find the PDF discounted by 25% on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. The offer will run until OneBookShelf kicks off Christmas in July – one of their biggest sale events of the year – when the whole Cthulhu Hack range should be discounted for the duration of the event.

GM’s Day Sale
Events / March 2, 2017

The annual GM’s Day Sale has kicked in at RPGNow, with thousands of titles for sale at 30% off. The sale lasts for 12 days and the range covers a massive catalogue of titles from across genres, publishers and interests. The whole Just Crunch Games back catalogue features, including all The Cthulhu Hack titles for less than $12 total: The Cthulhu Hack was $2.50, now $1.75 From Unformed Realms was $2.50, now $1.75 The Haunter of the Dark was $6.23, now $4.36 Saves Innsmouth was $1.25, now $0.87 Thro’ Centuries Fixed was $3.89, now $2.73 The Outpost Generator was $0.51, now $0.36 Consult Appendix Z – No 1: Interstellar Travel Events was $2.49, now $1.74 The Blessing of St Agnes was $3.12, now $2.18 It’s well worth a rummage!

Festive Cthulhu Hack Bundle
Sale / December 16, 2016

Amidst the fall of snow and a swirling storm of parcels and letters, something dark and unwholesome lurks, waiting. So little time remains and not a chance for anyone to receive these valuable tomes, grimoires and books of esoteric guidance by mail. Here’s a chance to pick up the whole bundle of goodies from The Cthulhu Hack published in 2016 – either for yourself or gifted to a friend. When you Checkout, tick Buying for someone else? (low on the right) and you can enter someone else’s email address – passing the curse of the Elder Gods on to almost anyone! Cthulhu Fhtagn! This special Festive Bundle product contains the following titles. The Cthulhu Hack – core rules of fast-to-play horror investigation From Unformed Realms – crafted random tables for generating fresh horrors or their spoor The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu – creating characters and adventures in 19th century Australia Outpost Generator – drop table for generating settlements in the Outback The Cthulhu Hack: Quickstart – Nocturnal Rites, a demo-length adventure and guide to TCH mechanics Save Innsmouth (Chapter 0) – a one-shot contemporary adventure and student documentary The Haunter of the Dark – a guide to crafting adventures…

All The Cthulhu Hack Sale
Sale / December 9, 2016

In a spirit of celebration, the Christmas decorations have gone up around the office and the house, and I’m sat here wearing a silly Star Wars themed Christmas jumper. While we all celebrate at different times and for different reasons, I think we can all agree we’re all a little bit closer to When The Stars Are Right. With that in mind – Just Crunch Games offer up a special festive offer to Great Cthulhu and his followers. Buy all The Cthulhu Hack Books in print and get more than 10% off through the All Rolled Up web store. Normally £18, you can pick up all the books for £16, including: 44-page The Cthulhu Hack core book, for character creation and the lite mechanics of the game 20-page From Unformed Realms, an intricate array of tables to generate new horrors or their spoor 88-page The Haunter of the Dark, a guide to turning Lovecraft’s stories into tabletop adventures 36-page Convicts and Cthulhu setting book, taking the horror to 19th-century penal colony Australia 10-page Save Innsmouth, a modern investigation into corporate greed and the heritage of America All in mono throughout on 80gsm off white bookwove with 250gsm matt laminated covers…

The Cats of Ulthar Sale
Sale / June 15, 2016

In celebration of the 96th anniversary of Lovecraft’s short tale The Cats of Ulthar, I offer up a few cat-related spells for those who favour the feline and care not for the loss of sanity that fascination brings: Comprehend Cat (1st level) : You understand feline language; Advantage on your Flashlight rolls for one minute/lvl. Cat’s Footing (1st level) : Saves to avoid threat from climbing, jumping or falling have Advantage for one hour. The Wisdom of the Sphinx (3rd level) : Ask a Nearby cat three questions. Ulthar’s Fortune (3rd level): Give one target Nearby a reroll on any one die roll. Night’s Howl (5th level) : Instil pain and fear in all who listen Nearby. 1d4 damage/level and panic for one moment/level. Wisdom Save halves effect. In addition, given the good fortune of the Cats of Ulthar after the declaration of the burgesses and the prayers of Mene, I offer up a 24-hour flash sale on all Just Crunch items – 10% off everything in the RPGNow/DriveThru store.

Interstellar Travel Events
Sale / May 31, 2016

As I didn’t mention it in the post yesterday about the 30% off sale, I thought it worth a mention now! Consult Appendix Z: Interstellar Travel Events generates a twist on emerging from your preferred interstellar travel method, whatever system you happen to us.The very reasonable review by Megan sums it up: The very reasonable review by Megan sums it the functionality and flexibility of the supplement, serving as a means to create a moment of randomness when your players might be praying for a smooth exit from transit: Like battle plans, scenarios never survive first contact with the enemy… er, sorry, characters… and it’s always handy to have something to come up with on the fly to cope with untoward choices. Roll your dice and it soon will be THEM dealing with the untoward events! Designed as a generic resource for any game system that accommodates interstellar travel, the concept is simple. Just roll three six-sided dice – either serially, or if you have 3 of different colours, all at once. One gives the section, then another a sub-section within it and the last the detail of whatever is going on. It seems more complex to explain than it…

You’re Not At Expo 30% Sale
Sale / May 30, 2016

With only a few days left before UK Games Expo, Just Crunch Games brings you savings on my back stock of supplements and adventures – so you can get some of the Expo experience without needing to get on a train, plane or into an automobile. We will have copies of all these adventures and supplements on the stand in the NEC hall, but for many the trip will be a little too far – so I’m offering all of them at 30% off for the next week (until I’ve turned drained but hopefully happy from the far shores of south-east Birmingham). What is it this sale offers and why should you pick it up? Consult Appendix Z The Consult Appendix Z duo offer quick, roll-and-play hooks for a session of play. So, Another Bug Hunt gives you a versus the alien menace style game with a few dice throws. Mix in some other story generating mechanism, like Rory’s Story Cubes, and you can improv every aspect of an adventure. There’s this old cruise ship owned by a heritage preservation group. Heck, maybe the Cameron Maritime Foundation raised the Titanic. The Foundation was set up 74 years ago and has spent…

Celebratory Flash Sale
Sale / May 13, 2013

I’m casting a Minor Bonanza of Birthday Celebration for my 41st, and discounting all Just Crunch product by 25% for today (until today finishes in a little over a day, if you know what I mean). You can get copies of Consult Appendix Z No 1 & 2, Stench of the Sea, Below Market Pryce’s, and The Blessing of St Agnes. Head over to RPGNow to pick up the discounted PDFs: Just Crunch Games In more general news, it’s now less than 2 weeks until UK Games Expo 2013, in Birmingham. I’ll be there for all three days, running games on Friday and Saturday, and helping out around the Arion stall (Palace Suite, P51) on the Sunday. I’ll have physical editions of Consult Appendix Z No 1 & 2 and The Blessing of St Agnes. Indeed, the Expo copy of The Blessing of St Agnes features extra hand-outs that it simply isn’t possible to include in the PDF edition (as they’re sticky note-like additions that you obviously can’t adhere to a piece of virtual documentation!). I’ll also be promoting the brand new All Rolled Up game roll and dice bag, which you can find out more about over on Google+ or at the website – The All Rolled Up…