Wildly Speculative
Reviews / May 19, 2017

Website Reviews from R’yleh has posted a review about The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu – which just recently picked up Best Copper Seller on DriveThruRPG (which is no mean feat for a Pay What You Want, as only paid purchases count!). You may see certain comments about the adventure therein and use of the term “faintly ridiculous”, which on the face of it is not a bad thing as a one-time writer for PARANOIA. I could have done with more ridiculous at times, faint or otherwise. Anyway, I leave this list here, on the off chance you care to take a look, because even Fake News is news of a sort and fiction has a heritage of playing with alternate timelines, strange theories and unfounded rumours. Really, many writers of Lovecraftian fiction still rely on strange tales and urban legends, weird claims and left-field theories, as the source of their work. Ruins of trade center discovered on the northern coast of Western Australia Wildly Speculative Claims of Pseudoarchaeology The Long Ships and their Seafarers On another note, the print run of The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu runs low and will not be reprinted. At the moment, you can get…

Dry Wipe Character Cards
Extras / May 14, 2017

Rather than paper sheets, new boxed sets will come with A6-sized dry wipe cards. You can still print your own sheets, obviously, but these will provide a reusable alternative. Cthulhu Hack Dry Wipe Character Card They’re laminated on one side and they work with any dry wipe pen — or even felt tips. I would recommend the Staedtler Correctable pens (available from All Rolled Up, along with all the in-print books for The Cthulhu Hack), but you can use whatever you have to hand. They’re available from the All Rolled Up store, £5 for a pack of 10.

The Smart Party
Podcasts / May 11, 2017

I chat with The Smart Party grandees Gary Bee and Baz Stevens about the genesis and expansion of All Rolled Up – the home of award-winning dice bags, dice trays and gaming essentials; why The Cthulhu Hack exists in a marketplace filled to capacity with the Mythos, as well as quick routes in to Lovecraft’s universe; and the explosion of Swedish goodness in our balanced gaming diet, including Symbaroum, Tales from the Loop, Mutant: Year Zero, and more. Head over to The Smart Party web site for more podcasts.

Cthulhu Hack – First Quarter ’17
News / April 3, 2017

An update on new releases, adventures and events for The Cthulhu Hack, as I’m conscious things have been a little quiet. Key at the moment is work on a collection of three adventures with two other writers all themed around the same entity, taken from different angles and in very different settings. I sincerely hope that I will have this finished and published by mid-year, and it should be available in PDF and print. On the back-burner, but in development, I have the GM Screen and Character Creation Cards. I have prototypes for both and they’re undergoing tinkering to get them in a state suitable for wider distribution. I haven’t absolutely commited yet to the format of that distribution; these will both be available as PDFs, but the physical versions might well follow if I can find a cost-effective printer. In the background somewhere, I’m redrafting sections of the core book. This might be a v1.1 release or it could work itself into a v2. Only time will tell. I was driving toward a re-write for another connected project, but that has not been progressing as rapidly as I’d hoped. Next major event will be UK Games Expo at the beginning…

AireCon and ConVergence UK
Events / March 8, 2017

Just Crunch will be at AireCon – the Analog Gaming Festival – in Harrogate this weekend. AireCon – 10/11/12 March 2017 – is a friendly family focused event, catering to all manner of gamers; the event offers a library of board games to borrow and an enthusiastic offering on the role-playing front. AireCon is sponsored by both Travelling Man and the UK Games Expo. Just Crunch will be there with All Rolled Up with a full stand for the event – offering a plethora of gaming goodies, dice bags, folding dice trays, and more. And in less than two weeks, we have the first ConVergence UK, in Stockport. ConVergence UK – 17/18/19 March 2017 – kicks off for the first time this year, at the Northern Gaming Centre in south of Stockport, along the A6. It’s gaming from the Northern Powerhouse; and it’s on my doorstep! As ever, All Rolled Up will have a range of game rolls and dice trays on offer – and the event offers war games, board games and roleplaying games (including the Pathfinder Society) organised through Warhorn. I hope (even plan) to run some of The Cthulhu Hack at the events; I’m also very happy to chat about the system, a fast and lightweight route into the…

GM’s Day Sale
Events / March 2, 2017

The annual GM’s Day Sale has kicked in at RPGNow, with thousands of titles for sale at 30% off. The sale lasts for 12 days and the range covers a massive catalogue of titles from across genres, publishers and interests. The whole Just Crunch Games back catalogue features, including all The Cthulhu Hack titles for less than $12 total: The Cthulhu Hack was $2.50, now $1.75 From Unformed Realms was $2.50, now $1.75 The Haunter of the Dark was $6.23, now $4.36 Saves Innsmouth was $1.25, now $0.87 Thro’ Centuries Fixed was $3.89, now $2.73 The Outpost Generator was $0.51, now $0.36 Consult Appendix Z – No 1: Interstellar Travel Events was $2.49, now $1.74 The Blessing of St Agnes was $3.12, now $2.18 It’s well worth a rummage!

Cthulhu Hack at UK Games Expo 17
Events / February 6, 2017

I will be attending UK Games Expo this year, as I have for the last half-a-dozen years, with the plan to run games and man the stalls for Just Crunch and All Rolled Up. UK Games Expo runs for three days and explodes across both the NEC and local hotels, offering game-players of all interests the chance to see, play and buy games, old and new. I have a stall of my own, where you will have the chance to pick up copies of all the books in The Cthulhu Hack range – which, I hope, will include some new material by the time June rolls around. In addition, I will run two evening games, on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June. I have made these intentionally generic in the RPG Event offerings over on the UK Games Expo web site. While I realised making these generic would not sell them, I didn’t want to tie myself down to offering something with certainty. I hope to have many options to offer in terms of adventure – and might even open it to the players on the night to choose what they’d like to play. I recommend dropping over to the site to see…

New Year, New Game
Sale / January 13, 2017

DriveThruRPG and RPGNow have a New Year, New Game event running intended to draw new blood into games they might not have considered before. They have 948 games on offer! As an incentive, all of those games has 10% off their standard price and, importantly, they provide you with the essentials to start playing straight away. The Cthulhu Hack figures amongst the masses – and if you pick up the Pay What You Want Quickstart Nocturnal Rites, you have a really quick adventure and game mechanic summary as well. And if that whets your appetite, Just Crunch Games is offering 10% off Thro’ Centuries Fixed and The Haunter of the Dark, starting tomorrow, to run alongside the event.

Coming Up, Looking Back
News / January 4, 2017

Just a brief one, as I noted The Cthulhu Hack got a mention alongside The Black Hack in the TableTop Games 10 Top Roleplaying Games of 2016. In addition, someone rightly pointed out that in Cthulhu Hack 2016 and Beyond I did not mention the GM Screen amongst the upcoming releases. OK – now I have mentioned it. I had a rough version of a screen in-hand for my game at Dragonmeet (the artefact in the middle of the picture with the map cover), but that really was something of an Alpha prototype for me to toy with. The prototype gathered some key tables from the core rules and From Unformed Realms. It proved useful in running Save Innsmouth, to hide some brief notes and the game booklet itself. I hope that any official and final GM Screen will serve a more original and pivotal function on the table. That remains a work in progress for the time being, with no specific release date. I also didn’t mention that I have an adventure supplement planned for late Spring that will gather together three short adventures themed around the same non-Mythos entity. I can’t go into much further detail than that at the moment. The call for adventure…

Cthulhu Hack 2016 and Beyond
News / January 1, 2017

I think that 2016 warrants celebration because of everyone reading this – and many who aren’t – who picked up a copy of The Cthulhu Hack or one of the supplements and adventures that followed. The success of The Cthulhu Hack took me somewhat by surprise. It also filled me with a sense of creativity and energy that saw 200-pages of content crafted over a period of 6-months. Just Crunch Games had 3,050 PDF sales in 2016. Roughly 40% of that came from paid sales, 17% out of Pay What You Want, and the rest were free downloads. That’s a massive increase of sales over previous years – any period, for that matter. Again, I really appreciate the support, the feedback, and the reviews – which I have taken onboard and used in shaping products that followed. I am aiming to either write or commission an adventure per month in 2017, except those months where I release something else. At the moment that “something else” includes Unspeakable Hacks – or Unaussprechliche Hacken, whatever I end up calling it – (optional rules for Cthulhu Hack), The Blessing of St Agnes (an adventure for TCH or compatible Hacks), Save Innsmouth (a collection of…

Out With The Old (Ones)
News , Sale / December 29, 2016

Three days remain for The Cthulhu Hack Festive Bundle on RPGNow. The bundle will run through to New Years Day. OneBookShelf has a New Year, New Game promotion from that point on – and I’m really happy that 639 people have taken advantage of The Cthulhu Hack: Quickstart – Nocturnal Rites to get clued up to this investigative horror. For reference, the Quickstart has gone to Pay What You Want. It means you can still pick it up for free, but if you want to show your appreciation you have that option. More than 500 people have also taken advantage of the PWYW offer on The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu. If you really like what you see in Nocturnal Rites and want to see more, you can pick up PDFs of the core material from RPGNow, a softcover Cthulhu Hack from Lulu or one of the matt-laminated A5 beauties from All Rolled Up’s Just Crunch Games section. I was really happy when someone got a Deep One Max box set on the RPG Geek Secret Cthanta. I’ve been really happy with the interest and support for The Cthulhu Hack this year period. I will have a more detailed look in a few…

Festive Cthulhu Hack Bundle
Sale / December 16, 2016

Amidst the fall of snow and a swirling storm of parcels and letters, something dark and unwholesome lurks, waiting. So little time remains and not a chance for anyone to receive these valuable tomes, grimoires and books of esoteric guidance by mail. Here’s a chance to pick up the whole bundle of goodies from The Cthulhu Hack published in 2016 – either for yourself or gifted to a friend. When you Checkout, tick Buying for someone else? (low on the right) and you can enter someone else’s email address – passing the curse of the Elder Gods on to almost anyone! Cthulhu Fhtagn! This special Festive Bundle product contains the following titles. The Cthulhu Hack – core rules of fast-to-play horror investigation From Unformed Realms – crafted random tables for generating fresh horrors or their spoor The Cthulhu Hack: Convicts & Cthulhu – creating characters and adventures in 19th century Australia Outpost Generator – drop table for generating settlements in the Outback The Cthulhu Hack: Quickstart – Nocturnal Rites, a demo-length adventure and guide to TCH mechanics Save Innsmouth (Chapter 0) – a one-shot contemporary adventure and student documentary The Haunter of the Dark – a guide to crafting adventures…