black-cat-1446066082EcdIn celebration of the 96th anniversary of Lovecraft’s short tale The Cats of Ulthar, I offer up a few cat-related spells for those who favour the feline and care not for the loss of sanity that fascination brings:

Comprehend Cat (1st level) : You understand feline language; Advantage on your Flashlight rolls for one minute/lvl.
Cat’s Footing (1st level) : Saves to avoid threat from climbing, jumping or falling have Advantage for one hour.
The Wisdom of the Sphinx (3rd level) : Ask a Nearby cat three questions.
Ulthar’s Fortune (3rd level): Give one target Nearby a reroll on any one die roll.
Night’s Howl (5th level) : Instil pain and fear in all who listen Nearby. 1d4 damage/level and panic for one moment/level. Wisdom Save halves effect.

In addition, given the good fortune of the Cats of Ulthar after the declaration of the burgesses and the prayers of Mene, I offer up a 24-hour flash sale on all Just Crunch items – 10% off everything in the RPGNow/DriveThru store.

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